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journey into the unknown

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1 December 1990
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about; christian, college graduate, pastry chef, fangirl, sister, bookworm, movie lover, graphics maker.

loves; star wars, lord of the rings, harry potter, stargate, doctor who, lost, chronicles of narnia, pride and prejudice, star trek, marvel, pirates of the caribbean, batman, etc.

graphics; fated_muse & saturated_icons.

profile. // tutorials. // layout. // tiny icons.

The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved.

-- Victor Hugo.

17 again, ace of cakes, anakin skywalker, anakin solo, batman, batman begins, beauty and the beast, bella swann, ben skywalker, bones, bourne trilogy, building 429, chris pine, chris tomlin, chronicles of narnia, daniel jackson, daniel radcliffe, david crowder band, disney, doctor who, edward cullen, elizabeth bennet, elizabeth swann, emma watson, falling up, food network, graphic making, grey's anatomy, han solo, hannah montana, hannah montana: the movie, harry potter, hawk nelson, hayden christiansen, hermione, hermione granger, heroes, high school musical, indiana jones, iron chef america, jacen solo, jack o'neill, jack sparrow, jacob black, jagged fel, jaina solo, james t. kirk, jane austen, jedi knights, jonas brothers, kutless, legend of the seeker, leia organa, lord of the rings, lost, luke skywalker, luna lovegood, merlin, movies, music, national treasure, new moon, newsboys, night at the musuem, north and south, northanger abbey, obi wan kenobi, padme amidala, pevensies, pirates of the caribbean, pretty little liars, pride and prejudice, princess and the frog, princess leia, relient k, robert pattinson, ron weasley, rupert grint, ryan reynolds, samantha carter, sanctus real, sense and sensiblity, soundtrack, star trek, star wars, star wars extended universe, stargate, stargate sg-1, stellar kart, switchfoot, taylor lautner, the dark knight, the joker, the lion king, the office, the proposal, third day, tinkerbell, tobymac, twilight, veronica mars, yoda, zac efron, zachary quinto

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